Category: Exercise & Sports Performance

  • Lifestyle Assessment Tool

      Use this Lifestyle Assessment tool to take a look at areas of your life you may want to focus on to regain balance in your life experience.

  • Exercise Ball Core Muscle Strengthening

    Dr. Chappell, Chappell Chiropractic Wellness Center, Traverse City, MI, demonstrates simple exercises on an exercise ball for core abdominal and low back muscle strengthening. These exercises which can be done in about ten minutes, every other day can have a positive affect on low grade low back pain or preventing it in the first place.…

  • Top Athletes Utilize Chiropractic Care for Better Performance

    There are an increasing number of articles appearing in the lay press about how leading sport figures value chiropractic care for their enhanced athletic performance and health. A powerful example of this appeared in the October 16, 1998 issue of USA Today in an article featuring Emmett Smith, a football star from the Dallas Cowboys. Emmett Smith…

  • Chiropractic Effects on Athletic Ability

    Anthony Lauro, D.C. and Brian Mouch, D.C. ABSTRACT The aims of this study were to take a group of athletes, measure each athlete’s athletic ability through a series of quantitative tests, and place half the athletes on a specific individualized program of chiropractic care for twelve weeks. The objective in choosing the particular tests was…

  • Chiropractic Adjustments Improve Reaction Time

    A landmark research effort from the New Zealand School of Chiropractic, University of Auckland, New Zealand has evaluated the effects chiropractic adjustments may have on reaction times. Two groups were tested to study variations in reaction times, one group received upper cervical toggle adjustments , while the other group , only receiving a short period…

  • Zumba Fitness for Core Strengthening, Cardio, Health & Wellbeing

    Zumba is a form of dance exercise done to latin music. It benefits the participant by strengthening core muscles, improving joint function of the knees and hips, improves cardiovascular function, and improves overall health and wellbeing. Thanks to Judith at Bodywise

  • Pilates for Toning, Core Strengthening and Back & Extremity Rehabilitation

    Pilates can be utilized for many varied benefits. These include core strengthening, overall toning, back and extremity rehabilitation, improving bone density and helping to prevent osteoporosis, as well as improving sports performance and overal health and wellness. Thanks to Bridgit Frank at Village Pilates

  • Neck Extension Exercises for Improved Posture and Health

    &nbsp Your posture, health, and state of wellness will be improved with doing these exercises regularly. They will help reverse the effects of daily physical stresses that cause our shoulders to round and our heads to jut forward and the resulting negative effects on the spine, nervous system, and overall health.

  • Warmups: Condition Your Body & Stimulate Your Brain

      Simple exercise that if practiced regularly will condition the spine and body to handle the stresses of the day more effectively and help prevent injury. These movements also activate signals to the brain which stimulate different brain centers to up-regulate body functions for improved health, wellness, and mental focus.

  • Exercise Ball Used for a Ball Chair for Health Benefits

    LINK TO BALL CHAIRS AND ACCESSORIES: Using a ball chair will significantly reduce back strain and muscle tension resulting in low back pain, disc problems, fatigue, etc. In addition, the constant movement it encourages stimulates joint receptors that send impulses to the brain up-regulating different brain centers. These influence stress and anxiety control centers,…