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  • Childhood Vaccination Outcomes

    Dr. Chappell, Chappell Chiropractic Wellness Center, Traverse City, MI discusses an article on /childhood vaccination outcomes. Research presented in this article from Health Freedom Alliance states that children who have been vaccinated are five times more prone to disease than unvaccinated children. For more health and wellness tips, visit

  • Autism and Ear infections

    A letter from one of our patients: DJ has had wonderful results from Chiropractic care. I think one of the most amazing one was his ear infections which he has had chronic ear infections since he was 6 weeks old. Something that I have found that is very common with children with autism. Chiropractic care […]

  • What Can Be Done To Prevent Autism Now?

    It’s a fact that more and more kids are showing signs of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) than ever before. What’s causing this epidemic is still a mystery, but we now have some strong clues about prevention and treatment, based on emerging science and parents reporting the specific treatments that have created improvement (and, in some […]

  • Traverse City Local Programs and Services:

    The Autism Advisory Group: Visit Website A local group offering advisory services to assist families with their autism related needs. Autism Resource Network: Visit Website Parent meetings from 6:30pm to 8:30pm on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at Munson Medical Center, Basement Conference Room 11 Children’s Therapy Corner: Visit Website Offering specialized programs, therapies, […]

  • Vaccines Linked to Autism Again

    (Author unknown)   Human DNA in shots causes brain damage Hooooo-boy — the drug industry’s pro-vaccine cheerleaders are going to have a hard time shouting this one down. A retired Big Pharma bigwig has looked at all the published research on autism since the condition was first identified in 1943 and — wouldn’t you know […]

  • The Lancet Retraction Changes Nothing

      Dr. Andrew Wakefield is one of the most vilified medical practitioners of recent times, and now he carries the extremely rare dishonor of a retraction in The Lancet, on the paper he coauthored in 1998 suggesting a potential link between autism, bowel disease and Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine. I believe that the public lynching and […]

  • Testimonial: Autism and ear infections

    DJ has had wonderful results from Chiropractic care.  I think one of the most amazing one was his ear infections which he has had chronic ear infections since he was 6 weeks old.  Something that I have found that is very common with children with autism.  Chiropractic care has helped control his ear infections and […]

  • Second Brain – Manage your gut and gut flora

    Monday, October 10, 2011 by: Paul Fassa (NaturalNews) Your mind is your most important asset, but it can become your worst enemy. And your gut may be your most important organ when it comes to mental health. The awareness of intestinal flora deficiencies as the root causes of a wide spectrum of mental problems is […]

  • Omega-3 Benefits Your Baby’s Brain and Eyes

    Dr. Mercola’s Comments, Excerpted from The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) confirmed that omega-3 fats benefit eye and cognitive development in babies, but stopped short of recommending additional supplementation. Their reasoning was that babies acquire most of the omega-3 fat DHA from breast milk, which appeared to contain an adequate supply of this healthy […]

  • New Study Implicates Environmental Factors in Autism

      July 4, 2011 New York Times reprints By LAURIE TARKAN A new study of twins suggests that environmental factors, including conditions in the womb, may be at least as important as genes in causingautism. The researchers did not say which environmental influences might be at work. But other experts said the new study, released online on Monday, […]