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  • MSG -Like Food Additives Bad For Your Health

    Excitotoxins are flavor enhancers that fool the brain to make you think the food tastes better. According to Dr. Russell Blaylock, neurosurgeon, they can be very toxic to the body. Check the list out below and READ LABELS of the food you are buying!

  • Lifestyle Assessment Tool

      Use this Lifestyle Assessment tool to take a look at areas of your life you may want to focus on to regain balance in your life experience.

  • Stress Reduction and Improved Immune Response from Airborne Plant Oils

    A walk in the woods can have a beneficial affect on your health. Airborne anti-microbial essential oils from plants and trees can have a positive effect on reducing stress reactions and improving immune response to bacteria and viruses. Research shows that these oils can reduce the negative effects of the stress hormones, cortisol and catecholamines,…

  • Health, Insurance & Medical Treatments – a Cause for Concern

    Health status of the United States continues to decline as chronic diseases and costs to treat them continue to rise. The Journal of the American Medical Association states that medical treatments rank as the third leading cause of death in the U.S. a harvard study showed that approximately 50% of all personal bankruptcies are due…

  • Zumba Fitness for Core Strengthening, Cardio, Health & Wellbeing

    Zumba is a form of dance exercise done to latin music. It benefits the participant by strengthening core muscles, improving joint function of the knees and hips, improves cardiovascular function, and improves overall health and wellbeing. Thanks to Judith at Bodywise

  • Pilates for Toning, Core Strengthening and Back & Extremity Rehabilitation

    Pilates can be utilized for many varied benefits. These include core strengthening, overall toning, back and extremity rehabilitation, improving bone density and helping to prevent osteoporosis, as well as improving sports performance and overal health and wellness. Thanks to Bridgit Frank at Village Pilates

  • Cultured Vegetables for Allergies, Digestion and Gut & Immune System Health

    Randy Schwartz of Heart-Lock Health Coaching discusses the health benefits of cultured vegetables with Dr. Greg Chappell of Chappell Chiropractic Wellness Center in Traverse City,MI. Randy relates how these fermented foods contain probiotics which can have a significant positive affect on gut and immune system health and reduce inflammatory conditions in the body. These positive…

  • Sunscreens May Cause More Harm than Help

    This video discusses the negative health effects of chemical and mineral based sunscreens. These include chemical toxicity and decreased production of Vitamin D. It also gives suggestions on how to reduce sun exposure without the use of dangerous chemical sunscreens.

  • Epigenetics & Neural Image: The Key to Health & Wellness

    Your state of health & wellness depend on how your lifestyle choices activate “switches” on the cell walls turning on or off gene potentials for healthy function or disease processes. Furthermore, how well the lifestyle signals get to the cells has major influence over genetic expression and perception and adaptation to our life stresses. One…

  • Stress Reduction Through a Mini-Mental Vacation

    By engaging your five senses in a virtual “vacation”, you can quickly reduce your experience of the stress response. This will help reduce the negative effects that can diminish your state of health and wellness.