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  • Berries in Your Diet Help Your Brain, Aging, and Overall Health

    Antioxidants from berries in your diet restore the natural scavenging ability of the microglia in the brain reducing age related mental decline and overall brain function. The focus is on being more proactive and preventing disease as opposed to our present model of reactively waiting until the body breaks down and then trying to fix […]

  • When Should You Take Your Child to a Chiropractor?

    A Parents Guide To Chiropractic This information is provided by the International Chiropractors Association   Q. What is chiropractic? A. Chiropractic is a conservative and natural healing art and science that concentrates on keeping people well. While chiropractic is an American science over 100 years old, its wellness practices have stood the test of time?dating […]

  • Research Documents Both Need and Effectiveness of Chiropractic Care in Infants

      RESEARCH DOCUMENTS BOTH NEED AND EFFECTIVENESS OF CHIROPRACTIC CARE IN INFANTS Chiropractic effectiveness in children has been a long standing premise in our profession, with clinical results being obtained for years. Now more than ever research is documenting both need and effectiveness of Chiropractic care in children. This research comes from both medical and […]

  • Raising A Smart Kid

    By Dr. Greg and Lyn Chappell Now that you?ve given birth to this beautiful being, how will your child fare in a world of limitless possibilities? Did you know that your child has just as many brain cells as Albert Einstein? The key to his intelligence was not in numbers but in the amount of […]

  • Is Your Child Troubled or Gifted?

    IS YOUR CHILD TROUBLED OR GIFTED? Dr. Greg and Lyn Chappell Many of us are aware of the dangerous side effects and addictive qualities of Ritalin. Yet, every day, over a million and a half kids, labeled as A.D.D. or A.D.H.D. will line up for their midday dose. Why are 5-8% of our school age […]

  • A Comparative Study of Children’s Health in Chiropractic vs. Medical Households

    In a random survey, 200 pediatricians and 200 chiropractors were selected and surveyed to determine what, if any, differences were between the health of the doctors’ children raised under different healthcare models. Survey analysis revealed that the chiropractic children had fewer ear infections compared to the medical children (20% vs. 69%), fewer allergies, less tonsillitis, […]

  • Backpack Safety

    Overloaded backpacks pose painful burden For many students the expression “carrying a heavy load” has taken on new meaning – one that could lead to permanent spinal column damage. The problem, according to Dr. Greg Chappell of Northern Michigan Health in Acme, MI and Dr. Marvin T. Arnsdorff, co-founder of the Charleston, SC-based Backpack Safety […]

  • A Healthy Start for a Healthy Future

    A seedling needs good soil, water, sunlight, and nutrients to grow a healthy plant. Likewise, your child needs good nutrition, water, air, love, elimination/reduction of toxic elements, and an uninterrupted flow of nerve signals, to name a few, for healthy growth and development. A baby is a vast bundle of neurons representing a potential of […]

  • What They Don’t Tell You About Vaccination Dangers Can Kill You or Ruin Your Life

       By Russell L. Blaylock, M.D. Advanced Nutritional Concepts, LLC   After 30 years of intensive research, much has been learned about how brain cells work and what goes wrong when disease arises. One of the great enigmas has been the connection between vaccinations and certain brain disorders such as: Autism ADD ADHD Gulf […]

  • Vaccination Resources

    Click here for a number of valuable links about vaccinations awareness.