Category: Athletic Performance

  • Chiropractic Effects on Athletic Ability

    Anthony Lauro, D.C. and Brian Mouch, D.C. ABSTRACT The aims of this study were to take a group of athletes, measure each athlete’s athletic ability through a series of quantitative tests, and place half the athletes on a specific individualized program of chiropractic care for twelve weeks. The objective in choosing the particular tests was […]

  • Chiropractic Adjustments Improve Reaction Time

    A landmark research effort from the New Zealand School of Chiropractic, University of Auckland, New Zealand has evaluated the effects chiropractic adjustments may have on reaction times. Two groups were tested to study variations in reaction times, one group received upper cervical toggle adjustments , while the other group , only receiving a short period […]

  • When Should You Take Your Child To A Chiropractor? A Parents Guide To Chiropractic

    A Parents Guide To Chiropractic This information is provided by the International Chiropractors Association  Q. What is chiropractic? Chiropractic is a conservative and natural healing art and science that concentrates on keeping people well. While chiropractic is an American science over 100 years old, its wellness practices have stood the test of time?dating back to […]

  • Research Documents Both Need And Effectiveness Of Chiropractic Care In Infants

    Chiropractic effectiveness in children has been a long standing premise in our profession, with clinical results being obtained for years. Now more than ever research is documenting both need and effectiveness of Chiropractic care in children. This research comes from both medical and chiropractic sources. In a paper by Abraham Towbin, M.D. from the department […]

  • A Healthy Start For A Healthy Future

    Dr. Greg & Lyn Chappell A seedling needs good soil, water, sunlight, and nutrients to grow a healthy plant. Likewise, your child needs good nutrition, water, air, love, elimination/reduction of toxic elements, and an uninterrupted flow of nerve signals, to name a few, for healthy growth and development. A baby is a vast bundle of […]