Vaccines Linked to Autism Again


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Human DNA in shots causes brain damage

Hooooo-boy — the drug industry’s pro-vaccine cheerleaders are going to have a hard time shouting this one down.

A retired Big Pharma bigwig has looked at all the published research on autism since the condition was first identified in 1943 and — wouldn’t you know it — found that vaccines may be responsible in at least some cases.

Just not how you might think.

I’m sure you’ve heard the theory that blames thimerosal, the mercury-based compound used in vaccines until recent years — a theory I’m on record as saying I don’t fully buy.

Well, Dr. Helen Ratajczak, a highly respected senior scientist formerly with Boehringer-Ingelheim, has a different theory: human fetal tissue used in vaccines.

You read that right — some vaccines are actually grown in cells from aborted fetuses.

And if that’s not ghoulish enough, consider this: Ratajczak believes human DNA that remains in the vaccine can cause the body to attack its own brain cells, leading to the inflammation linked to autism — especially in kids already prone to the condition.

To back her theory up, Ratajczak points to spikes in autism rates when human DNA was added to the MMR II vaccine in 1983, again in 1988 when a second MMR II shot was added for some kids, and yet again in 1995 when they began using a chicken pox vaccine grown in human fetal tissue.

She also points to similar patterns overseas.

If Ratajczak’s theory is right, don’t expect the autism epidemic to slow anytime soon — human tissue is now part of at least 23 vaccines.

Naturally, since the mainstream can’t fight Ratajczak with science, they’re attacking her instead.

Shoot the messenger with a DNA-laced needle!

One critic says Ratajczak’s experience in the drug industry doesn’t automatically make her an expert — which is a lot like saying someone’s experience in the National League doesn’t make him a ballplayer.

Another griped that she’s “only” been involved in four published studies over the past decade — ignoring the dozens she authored or co-authored in the preceding years.

Ratajczak, for her part, told CBS News that she was restricted in what she could publish before she retired.

But it looks like there’ll be no stopping her now. Sounds like my kind of gal.

2 Responses to "Vaccines Linked to Autism Again"
  1. Arie says:

    Mercury MUST be removed from ALL vcneicas if we are to reduce autism.I do not purport to be producing a rigourous work of English or even a rigourous proof that mercury is toxic.Does that mean that I cannot write good English or does it mean that mercury is an IQ improver and food as purported by vaccine regulators and scientists? Facts and science stand on merit and accuracy and not the qualifications or prose of the author.The microbe society was formed AFTER the existence of microbes was known to man evidently. If it was formed before it would have to be a Science Fiction Society and they do exist especially where they claim the benefits of mercury in vcneicas.But what it does tell us is that the human race in all its claimed intelligence did not or was not aware of microbes until around this time for sure.I seem to remember many cartoons of the time you mention poking enormous fun at these scientists and their bugs they observed through the microscope. The journalists clearly mocking the science of people like Pasteur.Very careful science done at this time put the microbes into firm fact. Today we are aware of the existence of microbes and of their necessity to the flora of our guts. Something that antibiotics seem unaware of.It isn’t easy to know everything about everything as you can imagine but as a chemist the incorporation and even the present and cointinued incorporation of mercury into vcneicas is INADMISSABLE.Perhaps you might like to say what you think?The Downs society was formed as late as 1979! Wow! Does this show contempt for the people identified nearly 200 years before! Why so long for a society for these people? I can guess but it wouldn’t be very charitable thoughts. It is an astounding piece of information to imagine how these unfortunate people have been totally abandoned by society for so long. In my research I did note that organophosphate exposures by families results in over incidence of Downs people. Perhaps this illness too has a toxic cause in some cases? This research examined families who ate fish contaminated with OP’s over used by the fish farm people in Hungary. We have a lot to learn even today on illness and its causes.Moving to another area I know quite thoroughly is the Sally Clark case. You are right that vcneicas were not the issue. The expert witness of Sir Roy Meadow one of the greatest experts on vcneicas put paid to any useful discussion along these lines. That does not mean that the vaccine did not directly kill the baby boy Harry. Bearing in mind that mercury in vcneicas does not kill Staph Aureus one of your microbes we did not know of in 1899 but which was no doubt present in nature for thousands of years has the nasty trick of actually growing and multiplying in mercury loaded vcneicas.The baby was clear of infection and perfectly well before his injection. Again Professor Sir Roy Meadow gave expert testimony to this effect.So where did the Satph Aureus come from that killed this boy? It certainly wasn’t there in the lad before his injection. And certainly hadn’t invaded his brain. Mercury and toxins in general weaken the blood brain barrier. Well established fact.We will never get to the bottom of exactly why Harry died but we can make very educated guesses that explain all the facts.The fiction that the mum battered and strangled the infant in the time that her husband made a coffee was at a sufficient level of proof to get her double life in Her Majesty’s Prison.My idea of vaccine death from a possible Staph Aureus infected vaccine is not without substance and as plausible as the one that got her life behind bars.There are other factors and a multiple cause is likely. But other people died from the same vaccine lot and also got life terms. Some we know have been released but others may still be falsely accused and still in prison today.Anyone who covers up and condones mercury in vcneicas is not only party to murder but other crimes as well.The best step forward is POSITIVE thoughts on autism causation and not at miniscule criticism of lack of punctauation bad spellings or other failings which have little or no serious consequences.Can we get things into proper perspective?Autism is at the moment a lifelong illness except for people like the family of Jenny who somehow know things autistic experts do not.It affects millions of people.It is now epidemic.Simple measures like not putting the worlds most toxic non radioactive element in vcneicas and injecting them into pregnant mothers is not an insignicant failing of government and regulators of vcneicas. My name is John, yes John Fryer an Advanced Analytical Chemist with several degrees and lifelong knowledge of chemicals and their effects.Are you staying behind your anonymity?This problem of killing and maiming has gone on too long. I refer to the epidemic of autism and even SIDS after vcneicas for the past thirty years. Another thing we claim total ignorance of and glibly speak of coincidence or more darkly SBS, battering and strangulation by a mother. Vaccines do save lives but at the current rate of extermination there will come a point when intelligent people think before giving dozens of vcneicas at the same time.Sally lost two children to the mantra of mercury laden vaccinations. She did have a third child who did not follow the same loony over toxic vaccinatiion policy. He is today a healthy and more carefully vaccinated boy. He owes his life to the fact that two siblings lost their lives to vcneicas and the penny dropped with Mr and Mrs Clark or certainly their doctor.How long before the penny drops for you?A concerned chemist

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your informed input. I agree, we do have a lot to learn about the intracricies of the human body and how we create and maintain health. Unfortunately, we are fighting an uphill battle against the increasing physical, chemical, and emotional stress in our lives and the powers to be who profit from us being “sick” – follow the money trail. But, we can’t give up expressing our voice, as who else out there will carry the sword?

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