Testimonial: Autism and ear infections

DJ has had wonderful results from Chiropractic care.  I think one of the most amazing one was his ear infections which he has had chronic ear infections since he was 6 weeks old.  Something that I have found that is very common with children with autism.  Chiropractic care has helped control his ear infections and helped make it possible for DJ to hear, something he wasn’t able to do the first two years of his life.  I think DJ would have higher functioning autism or would have out grown it if he didn’t have that hearing loss.  He has tubes in his ears but he would continue to get infections, more so in the spring and fall.  I remember one time specifically we came to your office and DJ’s ear was infected and just draining.  It was, well, gross.  We all got adjusted and with in a couple hours I noticed his ear stopped draining and when we went to the doctors appointment I had made for the next day for his ear, the infection was gone.  I told the Nurse Practitioner about how bad DJ’s ear infection was and getting adjusted.  She told us to keep going to the chiropractor.
DJ also loves the deep pressure from getting adjusted.  It has calmed him.  His “fuse’ has gotten longer.  He isn’t “set off” as easily.  One thing I was amazed at though was that DJ actually loved going.  We started out with him laying on me and Dr. Chappell adjusting him on me. It didn’t take long and DJ was jumping onto the table before anyone else could.

We are so blessed to have DJ and are so happy that we found Dr. Chappell to show us how Chiropractic care can help DJ.  His kindness and understanding of DJ’s autism helped DJ with his symmetry.

We were very blessed to find you. Thank you!

Lynda Freet