Epigenetics & Neural Image: The Key to Health & Wellness

Your state of health & wellness depend on how your lifestyle choices activate “switches” on the cell walls turning on or off gene potentials for healthy function or disease processes. Furthermore, how well the lifestyle signals get to the cells has major influence over genetic expression and perception and adaptation to our life stresses. One of the major sources of interference of nerve transmission is spinal misalignment putting stress on nerve tissues altering the signals. Healthy lifestyle choices and getting you spine realigned can significantly improve your health and wellness capacity for longevity, vitality, and a healthy, happy life.


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  1. Nashwa Avatar

    The purpose of any type of iucnranse is to protect against catastrophic loss. Using health iucnranse as an example, most everyday medical expenses are not very expensive (a physical exam averages $150.00+/-), but if you are admitted to the hospital for an emergency your medical bills would be in the tens of thousands of dollars at a minimum. If you do not have iucnranse you self-insure againts that potential catastrophic loss. Without iucnranse, the average person would face financial ruin if faced with a major loss.

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      A Harvard study found that 60% of personal bankruptcies were from a health crisis the person couldn’t recover from and 70% of those people had insurance. Your solution? Get healthy so you don’t break down into sickness and disease. PREVENTION – What a concept! You can access Chappell Chiropractic Wellness Center’s website, http://www.chappellhealth, and go to the opt-in box for a free PDF report and the five videos will follow shortly. These will give you a primer on daily activities and habits that are robbing us of our health and energy.