Vaccination Decisions for Parents


VACCINATION DECISIONS FOR PARENTS Vaccination is a medical procedure, which carries a risk of injury or death.  As a parent, it is your responsibility to become educated about the benefits and risks of vaccines in order to make the most informed, responsible vaccination decisions. 1.  Your doctor is required by law to provide you with […]

Scientific Fraud and Conflict of Interest in Vaccine Research


Shoot First and Ask Questions Later Scientific Fraud and Conflict Of Interest In Vaccine Research, Licensing & Policy-making By Michael Belkin Presented at The 2nd International Public Conference on Vaccination 2000, Arlington Virginia In Business School, (Organizational Behavior) we studied what can happen to organizations that suffer ethical management breakdowns (such as Johns Manville with […]

Physicians Group Calls for End to Mandatory Vaccines


By Michael Devitt, Senior Associate Editor for Dynamic Chiropractic A leading national physician organization has called for a moratorium on all government mandated vaccines going so far as to pass a resolution asking for an end to mandatory vaccination programs at their annual meeting. In October, at their 57th Annual Meeting in St. Louis, Missouri, […]

Vaccines Linked to Autism Again


(Author unknown)   Human DNA in shots causes brain damage Hooooo-boy — the drug industry’s pro-vaccine cheerleaders are going to have a hard time shouting this one down. A retired Big Pharma bigwig has looked at all the published research on autism since the condition was first identified in 1943 and — wouldn’t you know […]

The Lancet Retraction Changes Nothing


  Dr. Andrew Wakefield is one of the most vilified medical practitioners of recent times, and now he carries the extremely rare dishonor of a retraction in The Lancet, on the paper he coauthored in 1998 suggesting a potential link between autism, bowel disease and Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine. I believe that the public lynching and […]

Autism and Mercury: The San Diego Conference


Tim O’Shea, D.C. , Inquiry into vaccine safety is exploding like never before, even in the popular press. Research coming from dozens of mainstream medical studies can no longer be easily suppressed, as it has been in the past, especially with the prevalence of online information exchange. On 15-17 Sep 00, some 2000 people, […]

A Healthy Start For A Healthy Future


Dr. Greg & Lyn Chappell A seedling needs good soil, water, sunlight, and nutrients to grow a healthy plant. Likewise, your child needs good nutrition, water, air, love, elimination/reduction of toxic elements, and an uninterrupted flow of nerve signals, to name a few, for healthy growth and development. A baby is a vast bundle of […]