Chiropractic Management of 47 Asthma Cases


  Chiropractic Management Of 47 Asthma Cases By William C. Amalu, D.C.   Each day, 14 Americans die from asthma.  It is the only chronic disease, besides AIDS and tuberculosis, with an increasing death rate.  Since 1979, asthma death rates have increased 58 percent overall. The death rate among patients 19 years and younger has […]



From: The Wellness Report Sponsored by the Michigan Chiropractic Council The Miracle of Mother’s Milk In the past 20 years, researchers have been examining the unique and complex features of breast milk in an effort to determine why it is so superior to cow’s milk and infant formulas. The composition of human milk, like that […]

Vaccination Decisions for Parents


VACCINATION DECISIONS FOR PARENTS Vaccination is a medical procedure, which carries a risk of injury or death.  As a parent, it is your responsibility to become educated about the benefits and risks of vaccines in order to make the most informed, responsible vaccination decisions. 1.  Your doctor is required by law to provide you with […]

Testimonial: Autism and ear infections


DJ has had wonderful results from Chiropractic care.  I think one of the most amazing one was his ear infections which he has had chronic ear infections since he was 6 weeks old.  Something that I have found that is very common with children with autism.  Chiropractic care has helped control his ear infections and […]

Second Brain – Manage your gut and gut flora


Monday, October 10, 2011 by: Paul Fassa (NaturalNews) Your mind is your most important asset, but it can become your worst enemy. And your gut may be your most important organ when it comes to mental health. The awareness of intestinal flora deficiencies as the root causes of a wide spectrum of mental problems is […]

Omega-3 Benefits Your Baby’s Brain and Eyes


Dr. Mercola’s Comments, Excerpted from The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) confirmed that omega-3 fats benefit eye and cognitive development in babies, but stopped short of recommending additional supplementation. Their reasoning was that babies acquire most of the omega-3 fat DHA from breast milk, which appeared to contain an adequate supply of this healthy […]

Chiropractic Effects on Athletic Ability


Anthony Lauro, D.C. and Brian Mouch, D.C. ABSTRACT The aims of this study were to take a group of athletes, measure each athlete’s athletic ability through a series of quantitative tests, and place half the athletes on a specific individualized program of chiropractic care for twelve weeks. The objective in choosing the particular tests was […]

Chiropractic Adjustments Improve Reaction Time


A landmark research effort from the New Zealand School of Chiropractic, University of Auckland, New Zealand has evaluated the effects chiropractic adjustments may have on reaction times. Two groups were tested to study variations in reaction times, one group received upper cervical toggle adjustments , while the other group , only receiving a short period […]