November 4, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

Please accept this letter in regards to Dr. Greg Chappell and services he has offered through AlcoTec. AlcoTec Wire Corporation is the world’s leading producer of aluminum welding wire. One of our core beliefs is wellness and working with employees to encourage them to live healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Chappell has been a great resource for this wellness effort. He has presented to our employees on both back safety/ergonomics and nutrition. Both topics were very well received and offered useful information. In addition, Dr. Chappell has been willing to work with employees at his office to support our healthy living initiative here at work.

One of the most important ways that companies can have a positive impact on their bottom lines is to work diligently to ensure they have the most wellness conscious work force available. Dr. Chappell is partner in this effort.

Jennifer Ewing
Director, Human Resources, Health & Safety

January 4, 2012

Dr. Chappell
Chappell Chiropractic
PO Box 1649
Acme, MI  49610

Dear Dr. Chappell,

A long overdue note but I wanted to say thank you again for stopping by the Sales and Conference Services Office at Grand Traverse Resort & Spa to help us determine if our work stations were ergonomic.  Your help is invaluable!

I have to tell that I have personally benefited greatly from your suggestions.  I appreciate your understanding that buying new desks, chairs, etc. wasn’t an option at this time for my team and loved your ideas for making what I have work better for us.  The simple changes of chair and monitor height made a huge impact; I felt less tired throughout the day and the strain on my body isn’t nearly what it used to be.  As you know from my adjustments, the places that were always the worst have definitely improved, all because of the way I sat at my desk for 9+ hours every day.  There are positive side effects as well including better sleep, less headaches and better overall posture.  My team members have also said the same and appreciated the visit from you to help keep them working healthy!

I would highly recommend this service to others.   Organizations spend a lot of time on training for prevention of slips & falls, lifting guidelines or general safety concerns and often times, the office worker gets overlooked.  This simple 5 minute consultation can really save the company money and lost time.

Thank you again!
Colleen Brzozowski
Director of Sales

Dr. Chappell,
Thank you for coming to my office and adjusting my work station to be ergonomically correct. It has helped me maintain better posture and alleviated pain I was experiencing from all the computer work I do.

Becky Richards
Probation Officer
86th District Court
280 Washington St., Ste. B114
Traverse City, MI 49684

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  1. Rufet says:

    I have found that Kaiser Permanante has the best coverage for Chiropractic but if that is not an optoin for you make sure you check out your copays and how many you get per year with other insurances..References : Working for a DC for the past 5 years!

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