NAME: Phyllis Hutson

ORIGINAL COMPLAINT: Physical challenges due to problems with arthritis and diminishing stamina.

PROGRESS: A year ago at a large conference in Denver things had deteriorated to such an extent that I had to use a wheelchair to get around the conference venue. Also, I needed a raised chair in order to sit while making my presentation.

Well, I learned last week just how much I have been helped here when I attended the same conference, this time in Indianapolis. I discovered that I was able to walk about the convention center conference venue while having the stamina to get through three days of meetings, and for the first time in many years, I was able to stand to deliver my entire one-hour presentation! It was a new experience to return home, not totally exhausted, but with energy to spare! This is truly amazing to me’not bad for a 73 year old woman who may be growing older, but who is definitely growing healthier!

Believe me, it is well worth the 100 mile round trip to keep each appointment with Dr, Chappell. This is only the beginning of a life-changing journey.

NAME: Leah Annen

Not only do I feel a major difference and improvement after receiving treatment, but the warm and friendly atmosphere makes it worth coming back. I can honestly say I’ve never known that much of a difference after a chiropractic adjustment.

Thank you for not only improving the quality of life but improving the quality of mind and soul with all that you do. I greatly appreciate everything you do and the great attitude the staff has!
Keep up the good work!

NAME: Stephanie Crick

Growing up, I was led to believe chiropractors were people who weren’t intelligent enough to be medical doctors, so they became ‘bone crunchers’ with a fancy medical-sounding name. To say I was skeptical, even fearful, of chiropractic medicine, is a huge understatement!

The Chappell’s did, however, slowly educate me to what it was Dr. Chappell and chiropractic was truly about.

A year later, I was constantly exhausted, my skin was a mess, and I was just generally not well on a weekly basis. I took sinus medication by the handful, tried different exercises, vitamins, and supplements, ‘slept’ more than most. Nothing was working. I began to believe that I was just in a body older than its time. Dr.Greg gently asked me to give him and chiropractic a try.

I researched everything I could. I let Dr. Chappell adjust me. I feel like a new person. I have taken only one dose of sinus medication, I once again sleep soundly at night, I don’t need my 30 minutes to rest my back mid-day. I could go on and on, but it boils down to this’I have my wellness back!

Now my children are under Dr. Chappell’s care. They haven’t been ill because’ They did however, get the ‘bug’ everyone’s had this year, but only for a day or so ‘ not the week to two weeks everyone else suffered.

Our wellness has become a daily lifestyle now, with a shining future of good health. Dr. Chappell is a very large part of the overall picture.

NAME: Laurie Raymond

After searching for several years for the ‘right place’, I entered Chappell Health Center for my first visit with tentative hope. As a polio survivor, my body had endured many stressors and traumas including physical accidents, cancer, Fibromyalgia, and a long list of other things wrong with me. I was dealing with quite a bit of pain throughout my body, but the main areas were in my neck, head, back and in both of my shoulders.

After my first adjustment, I left with nerves tingling as if awakened from a long sleep. I also left excited and with high hopes that this was the right place for me!
One week later, I fell while transferring [from my wheelchair] and severely hurt my lower back and pelvis. I was in great agony and I called Dr. Chappell right away. Despite it being his day off and knowing me for only a week, he opened his office for me and worked on my back for quite a while. My original treatment plan now included working on the damage form the painful fall. Sitting and getting about in my wheelchair was how I lived my life, and now I couldn’t even manage that! I was full of dismay. However, it didn’t last long.

I felt surrounded by kindness, warmth, caring and encouraging people ‘ from Dr. Chappell and his wife, to his staff and even his other clients. It was like being embraced by a loving family.
Despite my fall and the pain, I could see progress right away. I was amazed how quickly he was able to free me from neck pain and then my shoulder pain. For the first time, in a long, long while, I was without pain in these two areas. For once my body was not in a decline. It wasn’t even at a standstill. With Dr. Chappell’s help, I was creating and moving towards better health!

Besides his expertise in working to remove subluxations that prevented my Nervous System from functioning efficiently, Dr. Chappell became my Wellness Coach. I was now part of a team. My goal was good health, but a lot of hard work and better lifestyle choices were necessary in order to achieve it.

After filling out a worksheet called the ‘Lifestyle Assessment’, I determined that the weakest areas in my life were exercise, nutrition and physical health. So my goal was to strengthen these three areas. Exercises were suggested to help maintain the adjustments and promote flexibility. Opportunities were offered to educate myself, including and ‘educational event’ and lending library. Help was available in many different forms; all I needed to do was ask for it.

Today, the progress continues. Many of my pains are already gone. My energy levels have increased so that I feel I have the energy to live my life and not just get through a day. I am more flexible and I have more strength. I get down on the floor now, not only to do my exercises, but also to play with my four dogs, instead of just throwing them a ball they chase from my wheelchair. I accomplish much more in a day and take fewer naps. When I do sleep, I wake up more refreshed and energetic. Even my immune system is stronger, evidenced by the fact that I didn’t catch my husband’s cold.

With Dr. Chappell’s help, I have come a long way in just two months. Oh, what a difference in my health already, with a team to help me achieve it, and all the possibilities ahead of me.

NAME: Barbi Norris-Downer

In 2066 I was diagnosed with Chiaritype one brain malfunction; the opening at the base of my skull was too small for my spinal cord. The pressure created extreme pain. The doctors put me on Tegretal, an anti-seizure medication. They also wanted to perform surgery.

Other symptoms from this condition included ear popping, teeth grinding, neck cracking and a () feeling in the back of my neck. Once I saw the x-rays that Dr. Chappell took and saw the reverse curve, it’s being bent the wrong way!

I have only been seeing Dr. Chappell for a few months, and already my symptoms have virtually disappeared! Dr. Chappell and his team are absolutely wonderful! They have offered me an extremely less intrusive method of correcting my condition in a safe and healthy manner. I now believe in then so much that I have been bringing my three year old daughter in.
Prior to seeing Dr, Chappell, my symptoms were getting so much worse that I worried that drugs and surgery were my only option. I am so thankful that I found Dr. Chappell and that he was able to help me ‘ I will be forever grateful!

NAME: Ruthann Burditt
ORIGINAL COMPLAINT: Cancer of the lymph nodes. Lymphoma leukemia

PROGRESS: Altogether 22 different medications, 10 that were under experiment ‘ unable to eat, always tired. Chemotherapy, radiation ‘ neither did any good.
Stopped all other treatments and drugs. My mind is clear, the body feels great. I have not felt this good in years. I am able to eat things I long ago gave up. I am alive again in total control over my mind and body.

Dr. Chappell has given me a new lease on life. After a few months of treatments I felt better now than I did when I was 30. I cannot thank him enough for what he has done for me. My body healthy is my number one priority and through chiropractic care I am getting the best care available.
Thank you again to Dr. Chappell and his staff for returning my life to me.

NAME: Ellen DeCosta
ORIGINAL COMPLAINT: Sinus problems ‘ frequent headaches ‘ (almost every other day of my life), ear infections ‘ clogged, blocked ears.

PROGRESS: Really never had any other treatment ‘ I learned to cope and live with it ‘ medical doctors told me to just take over-the-counter medications.
Not taking aspirin or sinus mediation unless I feel I have to. Feel better about myself ‘ when I have gotten a few colds they have left my system much sooner. Previously my colds would seem to stay with me for almost two weeks.

I would highly recommend chiropractic care for anyone who has any problems such as myself. I feel so much better mentally and physically. Dr. Chappell’s care and courtesy towards his patients ‘ he is outstanding!

NAME: MaryAnn Avenmarg
ORIGINAL COMPLAINT: Depression with family illness that changed lifestyle.

PROGRESS: Past treatments included tranquilizers. Under the care of Lyn Chappell I became aware for my own ‘self talk’ that had led me to feel helpless and hopeless. Lyn is an excellent listener who enabled me to control and become aware of my negative attitude toward my situation. I recommend Lyn’s help as a first step to self-realization and positive reinforcement of ones owns ability to face life’s problems.

Chiropractic has changed my life in many ways, spiritually, mentally and physically. I feel I now and forever am on an adventure for the rest of my life. And I am able to succeed in all ways to enjoy my life and my family.


NAME: Todd Blanton

PROGRESS: Prior to Chappell Chiropractic I tried another chiropractor, acupuncture, massage therapy, physical therapy, prolo injections, and traditional bedrest. All the other treatments were minimally effective, if at all useful.

When I came here, I was having to take 6 Vicodins (hydrocodone) daily just to be able to get up and function. I was off my painkillers inside of one month!
Before Chappell Chiropractic I could not function at even a basic level without painkillers of the addictive type. Now, I am back in the gym and 90% pain-free, needing only Ibuprofen for playing too much golf!

NAME: Robert Bailey
ORIGINAL COMPLAINT: Pain in lower back, and long term allergies

PROGRESS: Past treatments included everything from heat treatments to traction to prescriptions for muscle relaxers.

My back was better after one visit. Within one week the pain was gone.

I didn’t believe a chiropractor could help my back. My daughter convinced me to try as I had little to lose. I do believe now because not only is my back pain gone, other problems are gone.
I have taken sinus medication most of my life. After several adjustments I no longer take any medication. It sounds too good to be true, but’ it’s true!

NAME: Penni Newlun

PROGRESS: Back pain is gone as well as significant improvement in the treatment of allergy symptoms, without the aid of prescription drugs.

Chiropractic has opened the door for more than just a physical improvement. My physical symptoms are gone but more importantly I have the knowledge that my physical, mental and emotional systems are working together to give me an overall sense of correction and health. I have become more aware and in-tune with how I choose to take care of myself.

NAME: Jean Pataky
ORIGINAL COMPLAINT: Migraines, lower back pain

PROGRESS: Past treatments included Imitrex, over-the-counter ‘ sometimes relief, sometimes not.

No migraines in one year ‘ hurray! Lower back pain significantly lessened.

Quality of life without migraines is 100% improved. I am very grateful.

NAME: Sandra Oparowski
ORIGINAL COMPLAINT: Nerve pinching leg, couldn’t walk
PAST TREATMENTS: Other physicians recommended heat and aspirin ‘ said no way!

PROGRESS: Great ‘ after my first initial adjustment I didn’t need help out of bed. I was so worried that the condition was going to get worse as my pregnancy continued, but lo and behold I only have 6 weeks left with no problems!

I feel more healthy, breathe better, don’t seem to catch things going around. I now bring my 3 year old, too!

NAME: Skip Mason
ORIGINAL COMPLAINT: Pain in right shoulder from torn rotator cuff.
PAST TREATMENTS: 6 months of therapy (sports medicine) got motion back with limited range and lots of pain.

PROGRESS: Much less pain, more freedom of motion in right arm.

I’m a golf professional and I’m now able to play and practice without pain or restrictive movements. It has made my playing golf and teaching much more productive, and without pain.

NAME: withheld by request

PROGRESS: After two to three sessions with Dr. Greg we have had no bed wetting.

Since I have been coming I have seen a difference in amount of time and level of pain. I am more limber and I’m able to do things easier and with less pain.

NAME: Karen Powers
ORIGINAL COMPLAINT: Multiple subluxations causing headaches, dizziness, fatigue and other problems.
PAST TREATMENTS: Different painkillers, physical therapy with temporary relief.

PROGRESS: Have not been sick in two years. Headaches have lessened greatly in frequency and severity. Better posture. Ability to exercise without pain, greater level of energy.
I wish everybody knew how much chiropractic can benefit all people and not just for pain but to keep your body working at its greatest potential!

NAME: Peter G. Gscheldie
ORIGINAL COMPLAINT: Radiating pain from lower back to right, left leg. Sharp pain, being unable to get out of bed and sit.
PAST TREATMENTS: Tylenol w/codeine 3 ‘ works for a while but never quite kills the pain. Percodan ‘ kills the pain but makes you drowsy. Heat therapy.

PROGRESS: I have not been unable to get out of bed like I was before starting this program. I have had many more days of little or no pain in my lower back and legs then before chiropractic.
Chiropractic is a refreshing change from medication upon medication.

NAME: Jutta Cating
ORIGINAL COMPLAINT: Morning sickness

PROGRESS: With my second pregnancy, I have found that with regular care from Dr. Chappell, I have had almost no back aches and found some relief from early pregnancy morning sickness. It is wonderful to have some of the discomforts of pregnancy reduced.

NAME: Lyn Boyer
ORIGINAL COMPLAINT: Recurring sinus infections, colds, flu etc. Occasional migraine headache.
PAST TREATMENTS: Antibiotics. Relief was temporary and the conditions eventually returned.

PROGRESS: I have not had a single occurrence of sinus infection, cold, flu or any other illness since beginning treatment.
I have developed a healthier lifestyle and have been able to maintain physical health regardless of stress or exposure to illness.

NAME: Robert A. Jaquith
ORIGINAL COMPLAINT: Very limited movement of my head caused by neck and shoulder problems. I carried my head forward and hunched my shoulders as I walked.

PROGRESS: I have much better rotation of my head and shoulders for work and sports. Playing tennis three times a week, I have better motion and serving technique without discomfort. The exercises prescribed by Dr. Chappell have also made sleeping without morning neck pain a reality.

The weekly adjustments and exercise program have enabled me to work and play without pain. My body functions as a unit instead of painful parts. A new lease on life at age 62!

NAME: withheld
ORIGINAL COMPLAINT: Ear infections and sick a lot

PROGRESS: No ear infections, no antibiotics, no colds and if they get one it is half the time. I completely believe in chiropractic.
My kids are healthier and that makes me very happy.

NAME: Jazz Howard

PROGRESS: I don’t need to use any more medications. Now I can run faster and longer. I can run the mile in 6:40 now. Before, I ran the mile in 11:13.

NAME: Heather Pickard
ORIGINAL COMPLAINT: Headaches, migraines, severe lower back pain, multiple miscarriages confused thinking, forgetfulness, seizure activity and depression.
PAST TREATMENTS: Lots of Tylenol, Excedrin for headaches and back pain, sticky notes everywhere, reminders to take Zoloft for depression, Topamax for seizures. The Tylenol & Excedrin didn’t really do a lot.

PROGRESS: My back pain is much less severe, the headaches & migraines are essentially nonexistent, I can think clearly now, & I don’t forget things. My depression is improving. I don’t have 3-4 seizures a day anymore.

I can actually follow a conversation again. It’s like a spigot got turned on and I can almost feel it flowing again! Something I haven’t felt in years. I thought I was just getting older & it was inevitable, now I know I needed adjusting.

NAME: Sue Bernecker
ORIGINAL COMPLAINT: Lower back ‘always’ hurt, my left side of my neck, shoulder and arm hurt most of the time.
PAST TREATMENTS: When my back got so bad I could hardly walk I would get it worked on, but I was never pain-free. I took muscle relaxers until my stomach got and it started hurting from the meds.

PROGRESS: After all these years of having constant pain, its first, great to be able to do things and not hurt. I am so grateful to find someone who cares about others and their health.

NAME: Chris Hine, age 13
ORIGINAL COMPLAINT: Didn’t sleep that well, and asthmatic problems.

PROGRESS: I can sleep way better; I don’t wake up in the middle of the night anymore. My lungs don’t bother me from asthma anymore.
I don’t have to take breaks when working my body, to catch my breath like I used to.

NAME: Bill Ferguson
ORIGINAL COMPLAINT: Shoulder & back pain, mostly shoulder. Past injury from high school, scar tissue & bone spurs.
PAST TREATMENTS: Physical therapy, no relief & on constant pain meds, problems continued to get worse. Doctors said I needed surgery to fix this condition.

PROGRESS: After 3 visits I stopped taking all pain meds. I have not used then since. (6 months) I have not had surgery. I have had no pain or problems, since I have started with Dr. Chappell. I can do things I could do 20 years ago.

Dr. Chappell is a real credit to his profession.

NAME: Sharon Dimon
ORIGINAL COMPLAINT: Extreme right hip & leg pain, decreased mobility using cane/walker, severe fibromyalgia.
PAST TREATMENTS: Pain clinic, epidural injections, counseling, physical therapy, TENS unit, etc.

PROGRESS: Much less pain less use of meds, more mobility, and no more cane/walker. More well-being and stamina. Fibro symptoms are generally improved most days.
It’s made a believer out of me, as a nurse myself, I had no idea what an impact chiropractic has on a body and mind.

NAME: Bud Burns

Since coming to the Chiropractic Practice my whole body is getting back to normal.

I feel a lot more energized everyday, and being a truck driver, that helps me perform my job & my home life at a higher level.

So, thank you Dr. Chappell & staff for all your smiles and hard work.

NAME: Beth J.

Thank you so much for being there for me Friday evening, it meant a great deal to me!

I feel you saved me from a lot! Long-term physical recovery and financial recovery, which would have been brought on by the doctors & hospital treating thing that could have been, and have been, corrected by simply having my back in proper alignment.

Also, they sent me home with two bottles of pain killers, which I did not need by the middle of saturday.
And, one more thing, my energy level and attitude have been right there!

Thank you again!

NAME: Rebekah Rapoza
ORIGINAL COMPLAINT: Sharp back & leg pain constantly. Also, slight numbness down left side back and leg.
PAST TREATMENTS: Discectomy ‘ back surgery, traction, physical therapy.

PROGRESS: My lower back pain is gone. I have not felt this good regarding my back, in seven years. My numbness is gone and the sharp pain also.
I am much more flexible and relaxed. My whole body feels loser and more flexible.

NAME: Wayne Bernecker
ORIGINAL COMPLAINT: Lower back hurt so bad all the time, couldn’t stand for over 15 minutes at a time. I would have to sit down.
PAST TREATMENTS: Went to a different chiropractor 2 to 3 times a week, then he said it couldn’t be fixed. I was also on pain medication.

PROGRESS: After the first couple weeks I could get around good and actually work outside in the yard. I can pretty much keep going all day now with a noon rest. We are very pleased with Dr. Chappell.

I couldn’t stand without pain. I couldn’t even water the yard without always being in pain, now I can pretty well keep going most of the day.

NAME: Debra Korreck

Prior to beginning chiropractic care with Dr. Chappell, I experienced migraines at least once a month and sometimes twice. I would take Imitrex and strong pain relievers. My allergies were also quite bad. I was living on Clarinex daily and Rhynatan nightly. After four months of chiropractic care with Dr. Chappell I’m pleased to report that I’ve not experienced a migraine in two months. Whenever I get stressed my neck area tightens up. Dr. Chappell has almost eliminated the discomfort and, simply by having an adjustment, the discomfort in my neck is gone. Thanks for changing my life and helping me become ‘pill’ free.

Thank you for your kindness and gentle care of my children and me over the past several years.

During a stressful time in my life I sought Chiropractic care a little closer to my home and was not happy. I came back because you have the best care in the area. The staff always welcomes my family and truly aids us in our wellness.

You’re the best, Greg!

P.S. My son, Billy, used to take Clarinex daily also, and is now pill free!

NAME: Jacob Scamehorn, 14 years old
ORIGINAL COMPLAINT: Asthma and headaches

PROGRESS: The headaches are still there, but not as often. I don’t use my inhaler anymore.
It’s nice to be active and not worry about needing my inhaler. I don’t need to carry it around with me everywhere I go.

Thank you Dr. Chappell!